Indica or Sativa

Although most types of weed are a cross-fertilization of the Sativa and the Indica, it is good to know the difference between those two types.
Most Dutch weed originates from this.

Features of the Sativa are:

  • Grow higher
  • Thin long leafs
  • Need more time in the Flowering phase
  • Continue growing in the Flowering phase
  • Large slender plant
  • Needs a lot of light
  • A lot of THC
  • The weed produces a more high effect (energetic)
  • Suitable as a medical weed

Features of the Indica are:

  • Compact, dense plant with heavy tops
  • Grow more in a circle than the sativa
  • Shorter flowering time
  • Grow less high
  • A lot of CBD
  • Bigger yield
  • The weed has a relaxing effect (stoned)
  • Suitable for use as a medical weed, especially as a painkiller and against insomnia
  • Large dark green leafs