Frequently asked questions about growing

1: Do all weed seeds sprout when germinating ?
With most types a minimum of 75% of the seeds sprout. With the better brands this percentage is around 90 %.

2: When can I place my sprigs in the sun or under lamps ?
If the sprigs have a second or a third embranchment, they are strong enough to withstand sunlight or the light of lamps. Always keep a distance of 50 cm between the plant and the lamp.

3: How can I keep my weed seeds ?
The seeds can best be kept dry, cool (4 degrees) and in a dark place. The refrigerator is an excellent place for this purpose, but in an airtight packing. The seeds may certainly not become humid.

4: For how long can I keep weed seeds ?
Two years is no problem at all. After that the chance of germinating will decrease every year.

5: How do I know I can start harvesting ?
The maturity of the female cannabis plant can best be observed by the colours of the hair at the flower of the plant. These hairs start being white and end up being red or orange. When 75 % of these hairs have changed colour, the plant is ready to be harvested.

6: Is growing weed legal ?
No, growing cannabis is not legal, even less than 5 plants is not. Growing on a small scale for private use is allowed or not depending on local policy.

7: As of when can I grow weed outdoors ?
When there is no night frost anymore. This is mostly as of 15 May after the so-called late spring.

8: When does the weed plant start to flower ?
The weed plant starts to flower when it notices autumn is in the air. When you grow weed plants indoors, you can decide this yourself. If you grow outdoors this is mostly around the end of August. The weed plant reacts to the nights becoming longer. After the nights become longer, it still takes about two weeks before the flower is really visible.