Male or Female

Only females produce THC, so we do not need the male plants. Even more they obstruct the growth of the female plants, because they fertilize them. So how do I see the difference between the males and the females ? The female plant can be recognized by many features. A female weed plant looks healthy […]

Which seeds do I buy ?

Are you a beginner and do you start growing weed plants, then I recommend you take one of the following types. These types are known for being strong plants and resistant to fungi. Outdoors: Hollands Hope (strong plant) Dutch passion Shaman (feminized, after all the males are of no use) Super Thai Skunk (flowers early, […]

Types of weed

When choosing the seeds, you need to decide first if you want to grow indoors or outdoors. Then you choose a type that you know you like. The most important types are listed below. The features may deviate per seed bank and per type: White Widow: The first of all white types that appeared in […]

Clones or seeds

If you want to start growing and you do not have weed plants yet, then you start buying weed seeds. You could also buy cuttings or clones from somebody else and continue growing with these. However, cloning has a couple of disadvantages. First of all the clones are not sterile and with cloning you also […]

Indica or Sativa

Although most types of weed are a cross-fertilization of the Sativa and the Indica, it is good to know the difference between those two types. Most Dutch weed originates from this. Features of the Sativa are: Grow higher Thin long leafs Need more time in the Flowering phase Continue growing in the Flowering phase Large […]


After 10 to 12 weeks you can start harvesting. This depends on the type and also on the circumstances of growing. You should try and bring in the harvest when the plant is on its peak. Then the yield is highest and the quality is best. When you notice a part of the pistils becoming […]

Frequently asked questions about growing

1: Do all weed seeds sprout when germinating ? With most types a minimum of 75% of the seeds sprout. With the better brands this percentage is around 90 %. 2: When can I place my sprigs in the sun or under lamps ? If the sprigs have a second or a third embranchment, they […]