Germination cannabis seeds

You have bought weed seeds. Then the next step is to have them germinate. For this purpose use something that retains moisture well, for example cotton wool, napkins or a handkerchief. Wet these and place the seeds inside. It is not necessary the cotton wool/cloth is soaking wet, properly humid is enough. Place the cotton […]

Indoors or Outdoors

Also in England it is well possible to grow weed plants outdoors, however a couple of disadvantages are associated with this. First of all you can only do it in summer, when you plant them in spring you will get a nice yield in August, September. The second disadvantage is that you can not grow […]

Feminized Seeds

Feminized means the seeds you buy are only female. In itself this is ideal because male plants will not serve you at all. It so happens they do not produce any THC. The disadvantage of femenized cannabis seeds is the price. They are a lot more expensive than normal seeds of which half are female. […]

Cannabis Seeds

Growing your own cannabis plants starts with a number of seeds, which can mainly be bought cheaply on the internet. Hundreds of different types of cannabis exist, so also just as many types of seeds. You obviously choose a type of which you know you like the weed it produces. Popular types are: White widow, […]