Light and dark

The first 6 weeks the plants need 18 hours of light per day. After all it is summer for them. This is called the growing phase. After 6 weeks you will only give the weed plants 12 hours of light per day. Because of this the plants will think the days are becoming shorter and […]

Temperature and Humidity

For small plants, just say the first three weeks a temperature of between 20 and 25 degrees is ideal. After three weeks the temperature is allowed to go up some degrees. It is important that the temperature does not fluctuate too much. So try to take care the temperature does not drop too much at […]


Water your plants once a day, just touch the soil with your finger and see if it is dry or humid. If the soil is humid, then leave it for that day and water them again the next day, The soil at the surface of the pot is always dryer than the soil at the […]

Soil and Pots

The soil you use is extremely important for the result you will achieve, so do not save on this and buy some decent loam at your local garden store. Another important aspect concerns the pots in which you are going to grow the plants. They should not be too small because this might otherwise obstruct […]