Light and dark

The first 6 weeks the plants need 18 hours of light per day. After all it is summer for them. This is called the growing phase. After 6 weeks you will only give the weed plants 12 hours of light per day. Because of this the plants will think the days are becoming shorter and this means they will flower. So this is the so-called flowering phase.

Best for the plants are natrium lamps which are used by real growers. However this is not absolutely necessary. It can also be done under neon lights or normal lamps combined with daylight. However it is wise to use a type already coming from a temperate climate, for example Northern Lights or a Skunk.

lights for growing weed

Temperature and Humidity

For small plants, just say the first three weeks a temperature of between 20 and 25 degrees is ideal. After three weeks the temperature is allowed to go up some degrees. It is important that the temperature does not fluctuate too much. So try to take care the temperature does not drop too much at night, especially for small plants this could be disastrous.

A humidity between 40 and 60 percent is ideal for the cannabis plant in the flowering phase. This can easily be measured with a cheap thermometer and hygrometer. In the growing phase (first 6 weeks) it is best for the weed that the humidity is as high as possible.


Water your plants once a day, just touch the soil with your finger and see if it is dry or humid. If the soil is humid, then leave it for that day and water them again the next day, The soil at the surface of the pot is always dryer than the soil at the bottom. Do not water them too much but neither too little.

A small sprig uses approximately 0.2 liters per day and a full bodied plant can easily use a liter per day. Still you can also add some nutrients to the water to have your plants grow even faster. So this isn`t necessary but does increase the harvest.

Soil and Pots

The soil you use is extremely important for the result you will achieve, so do not save on this and buy some decent loam at your local garden store. Another important aspect concerns the pots in which you are going to grow the plants. They should not be too small because this might otherwise obstruct the growth of the plant. It is also wise to have pots with holes in the bottom, so that the surplus water can be drained.

When you have filled the pots with soil and you have germinated the seeds, then you can put them in pots. Place the weed seeds approximately 1 cm underneath the ground. Depending on the type it will take 1 to 10 days before the result can be seen. As of the placing of the seeds, take care of the right temperature, enough light and keep it humid enough.

pots for weed plants
soil for weed plants

Germination cannabis seeds

You have bought weed seeds. Then the next step is to have them germinate. For this purpose use something that retains moisture well, for example cotton wool, napkins or a handkerchief. Wet these and place the seeds inside. It is not necessary the cotton wool/cloth is soaking wet, properly humid is enough. Place the cotton wool/cloth in a small bowl and cover it with some foil so that it remains humid. Prod some small holes in the foil so that oxygen does reach the weed seeds.

Check the bowl on a regular basis if it is still humid enough and if the weed seeds already start to burst. It takes 1 to 5 days before the weed seeds start to show a small white root. When the root has a length of 3 to 5 mm, it is ready to be potted.

You can obviously also cover the weed seeds with soil without germinating them first. This is of course the way it happens in nature, however the chance a weed seed really flowers is smaller.

An 80% to 95% will germinate, depending on the quality of the weed seeds.

Here you can find more info about Germinating cannabis seeds.

Indoors or Outdoors

Also in England it is well possible to grow weed plants outdoors, however a couple of disadvantages are associated with this. First of all you can only do it in summer, when you plant them in spring you will get a nice yield in August, September. The second disadvantage is that you can not grow more than 5 plants because then the chance is high you are caught or your neighbours will start to complain. The third disadvantage is that you will loose your harvest to the boys next door.

But growing outdoors also has its advantages. For example you do not need to buy expensive material like for example a lamp or a ventilator. You just make use of mother nature.

indoor cannabis growing
Indoor cannabis growing
outdoor cannabis growing
Outdoor cannabis growing

Feminized Seeds

Feminized means the seeds you buy are only female. In itself this is ideal because male plants will not serve you at all. It so happens they do not produce any THC.

The disadvantage of femenized cannabis seeds is the price. They are a lot more expensive than normal seeds of which half are female. When you buy normal seeds, you can easily remove the male cuttings after 3 weeks or so and continue with the female ones.

male cannabis plant
Male cannabis plant
female weed plant
Female weed plant

Cannabis Seeds

Growing your own cannabis plants starts with a number of seeds, which can mainly be bought cheaply on the internet. Hundreds of different types of cannabis exist, so also just as many types of seeds. You obviously choose a type of which you know you like the weed it produces. Popular types are: White widow, Blue berry, Northern Light and Super skunk.

Also pay good attention that you buy the right cannabis seeds, because some types are more suitable for growing outdoors and others for growing indoors. Seeds of which you know beforehand they are female are also available. These are called feminized.

Cannabis seeds can for example be bought at:

weed seeds