Weed, pot or marijuana. According to the United Nations weed is the most used illegal substance in the world. However in Spain, it is beginning to emerge from the black market. In this Country alone there are around 300 smoking clubs. With or without licenses. That being said, marijuana still hangs in the legal limbo. All thanks to a big contradiction. You can join a club and take out up to 5 grams a day, but the transportation and cultivation of the substance still remains illegal One of the most interesting players in this expanding industry is the American: Russ Hudson, a consultant and tester of Marijuana I learned there were these things called cannabis clubs and I went to my first one and realized that I had inadvertently moved to what would be a professional and personal heaven.

About 5 years ago, 6 years ago actually my wife and I decided that we needed to expand the business internationally And we needed to see what else was going on in the world of marijuana. And finally realized that we really wanted to try Spain. I saw that the laws were very liberal and that it was likely that I could safely use without fear of repercussion. I’m meeting with Russ today as he visits club Choko to try a new strain of marijuana He’ll test it, try it and then upload his verdict to his website Smells beautiful but when you smoke it is like food tastes, which is really really really good. You wanna try it? Russ has always done things, including testing, in his own way and has even profiled his own method for testing the quality of the weed. How is this then? It’s basically 5 parts and the first part we’ve covered a little bit and that is the look and the feel. Then the next part is the smell and the taste and then the critical part is the “potencia”, How powerful is it? How high do I get? What type of high is it? Where is the high in my body? And then another critical component is duration.

How long does this high last? This is what I’m passionate about so when I can see that somebody is also passionate because they’ve produced something that looks like this… I can’t wait, I can’t wait to smoke this. Break it open and smell inside It’s much different on the inside. “Es differente, si” (it’s different, yes) This is much stronger on the inside when broken open and Very unique. It’s moved now into my ears and into this part of my chest, my feet and much more in my eyes now. My website. It’s marijuanagames.org I will make an entire review of this, a comprehensive review. Another part of this is taking a lot of photographs, high quality photographs. I’m honoured that people want to know my opinion I never thought when I was a 16 year old kid who could barely roll a joint that one day businesses that I respected and people that I respected would be respecting me in such a way that they wanted to know what do you think of this weed? I like to get started early so it’s perfect because I get up early, I field all my emails and then by the time I’m ready to go out and about in the city Barcelona is waking up.

I come out and I go to the clubs and I spend my day going form club to club And meeting with different people in the industry. I’m finishing a joint of “Super Lemon Haze” which is a daytime weed for me. I like to smoke it and do work and meet with people. I can still carry on conversations but be very high and if they don’t need to know they don’t need to know. With this type of weed you could be super high and nobody could see that. In fact I use it as a weapon a lot when I play chess a lot. This is my secret weapon. Russ has post traumatic stress disorder as a result of having spent his childhood living in the street where he grew up without parents. Marijuana helps him calm his anxiety which he has been trying to cure by smoking joints since he was 13. It’s not just for me to treat my PTSD and anxiety. I use it for running, for playing chess, for work or if I want to watch a good movie and I really want to get into it. We should be able to be free to have the choice to use marijuana because it’s my right as a person.

Also as I strongly believe and often say that recreational use is medical use it’s all the same..

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