What is cannabis conversion? Let’s begin with cannabis. Cannabis is a green leafy vegetable that the government took away from us, but is now giving back, because it is so beneficial and we all just remembered it was a green leafy vegetable. But this is some beautiful cannabis. Somebody spent a lot of time curing this, manicuring these buds for smoking, so all that expense goes into these buds. It’s not the most ideal cannabis to cook with, but if this is what you have, you are welcome to cook with that. Ideally, you would cook with some shake or trim. Shake or trim is just all the leaves and everything they cut off around the bud, and they usually just sweep it into the garbage, or if somebody is really clever they make hasheesh out of it.

And if you can’t find shake, then I would just recommend using your lowest grade marijuana, save your high grade marijuana for smoking, and ingest your lower grade marijuana. But ideally, the best cannabis to use in your cooking is clean cannabis. Now, not all cannabis is created equal, all growers they put pesticides, herbicides, some don’t flush it properly. Try to know your source and get clean cannabis. That is the ultimate. What is conversion? You need to convert cannabis before you ingest it or it won’t have any intoxicating effects on you. If you were to just ingest this dry, nothing would happen. But if you decarboxylate it, or convert it, decarboxylation is a fancy name for knocking the carbon atom off of the cannabis molecule.

When you knock that carbon atom off through conversion, then your body can ingest it and you can get quite intoxicated. And, if you get really good at converting, you can yield a lot of product with a little bit of cannabis. So, you’re gonna watch for those helpful tips on there. So, once you’ve learned to convert your cannabis, you’re ready to start cooking..

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